Journalling by Natalie Bailey

Hello and welcome, below is a short video on the topic of journaling and how we can use it to not only achieve better mental and emotional wellbeing but also to feel more empowered in our lives.

I am a journaling fanatic and deeply encourage it, so…. purchase a journal, carry it with you, leave it in a safe space at home, do what feels best to you but ultimately dedicate that time and space to connect. With you….

This may feel difficult at times... stay with that, let your feelings be your guide, if you feel uncomfortable, say that, if you do not know what to write, say that… stay with you, wherever you are, be with it. Wherever you are is ok, in fact it is just where you need to be at this time.

Most of all, be kind, no judgement, and if there is judgement, write about it.

Treat everything that comes out, with acceptance, inquiry, compassion and understanding.

You can even set a time, light some candles, get a blanket, make a ritual of it, make some tea. Whatever feels good to you. Let buying or creating your journal be your first practice of letting your inside guide. Make it yours.

The easier and more pleasurable you make the habit, the easier it will be to maintain.

In summary, journaling may help you to:

  • Stay connecting with your authentic feelings.
  • Give you an outlet for those feelings as opposed to storing them.
  • Realise your boundaries, what feels good to you, what does not and what you need.
  • Gain an understanding of yourself and your past.
  • Apply language to those feelings that feel murky and uncomfortable.
  • Make more conscious informed choices.

We hope that you have enjoyed todays post by Natalie Bailey. A personal insight to journaling and its benefits. If you would like further information or to begin the process within a therapeutic setting, please reach out to one of us here at LIFEHOUSE Therapy or to Natalie Bailey here.